There are many manufacturing problems for which an “off the shelf” solution is not always available and over the years our customers have turned to Tri-Cal to provide a custom made solution. Using 3D modelling and concept drawings enables us to solve many of the “what if” problems  at the earliest stage as well as providing the customer with a visualisation of  the completed machine or process.

Some of our more unusual requests have been to design and build a machine to remove the stalks from grapes and a machine to produce fake snow for the crafting industry,  but we do design and build special presses, pad printers, pick and place units and robotic cells too (see gallery).

Production Line Workstations

Using 3D CAD modelling and concept drawings, we can design and build a specialist workstation to suit your individual needs. From simple ergonomically designed manual assembly benches through to semi-automatic test stations we can incorporate a variety of accessories such as lighting, power connections, data connections, monitor arms, shelving, drawers and cupboards along with pneumatic and electric tooling. Contact us for more information.