Specialists in the design and manufacture of manual and automated test systems. We design and build bespoke manual and automatic test systems for use in all types of manufacturing where there is a need for electrical testing.

LED Lighting

Using our very own, in house designed, developed and manufactured Q-See© test system* we are able to check for manufacturing defects as well as confirming the LED count and the LED colour (in kelvins). Our system enables us to carry out specific function tests on all types of commercial LED lighting, including DALI functions, dusk/dawn sensing, PIR sensing, emergency fitting operation and many others. 

This system can be either retrofitted to an existing suitable workstation or we can design and manufacture a dedicated test station to suit.

*Developed by TRI-CAL The Q-See© test system is our own system, designed  specifically for the counting of individual illuminated LEDs and measuring colour of the LED array in kelvins.

Electrical Products and Appliances

Our specially developed  test system is suitable for almost  any commercial Electrical or Electronic product or appliance.  It can be either incorporated into a suitable existing workstation or into one of our specially built workstations. The Electrical product and appliance tester can check and confirm the correct product assembly, detect manufacturing defects and carry out “specific to the product” function and safety tests. 

Leak Testing

There are several reasons why a manufacturer might need to test for leaks in their product as defective products can be  both costly and potentially dangerous.

We are able to design and build a leak test system in order to confirm the integrity of a sealed product and to check for potential defects in a casting or filtration system. 

Using leak test principles we can detect poorly fitted, missing or damaged seals which could cause ingress.